Leo's Gun DefenderA 3D shoot em up for android
Leo's RC Simulator for Android, IOS, PC, MACYou can download this simulator from Android Market.
Leo's RC Simulator 1.4 for PCA RC Simulator for PC
GNU Emu48 for PocketPCEmulator of the HP48,HP49,HP39,HP40 calculator from Hewlett Packard
Leo's Wikipedia Reader for AndroidA offline wikipedia reader for Android
EBookSDK for Hanlin V3 ebookEBookSDK for hanlin V3 Device. A complement tool set for develop apps using the jinke's SDK and several precompiled and useful samples.
Leo's Flight SimulatorA small flight simulator for PocketPC and PC
Leo's VoidPlanetarium software for Pocket PC and PC
Leo's Space Combat SimulatorA little space combat simulator for PC and PocketPC
Leo's Flight Simulator for HTC DIAMONDLeo's Flight Simulator for HTC Diamond (Probaby works on other Windows Mobile 6.0 devices)
Leo's Void for HanlinA Star map for Hanlin ebooks readers (papyre, lbook bebook, etc)
Leo's Space Combat Simulator for SmartphoneA 3D space combat game for Smartphone
Leo's Wikipedia Viewer for HanlinLeo's Wikipedia Viewer for Hanlin electronic reader
Leo's Void for SmartphoneA little planetarium for smartvoid
Leo's Flight Simulator for SmartphoneA small flight simulator for smartphones
A little RPN Scientific calculator for SmartphoneA little RPN Calculator for Smartphones
A XML Data manager for smartphoneA XML data store for Smartphone
PocketPC/Smartphone PDF viewerA small PDF Text only reader for Smartphone. GPL License
TankZoneA J2ME software for Phones