Leo's Void for hanlin
Leo's Void for Hanlin
A Star map for Hanlin ebooks readers (papyre, lbook bebook, etc)
  • This program is a porting of Leo's Void for readers of books Jinke Hanlin V3 (papyro, Bebook, lbook, etc).
  • To install simply copy the program folder Leo's Void to the SD card. Then using the BookShelf open the folder and select Leo's Void.exe
  • The program starts from any location, provided that all files are in the same directory as the executable.
  • It's a star map with two types of displays. Horizontal (Where you see the sky as seen by the observer) and the Equator.
  • Time is modified with keys 4 and 5.
  • Objects can be searched by name.
  • You can move the view with the keys 0, 9, pag forward, rewind pag.

Leo's Void for Hanlin Porting of Leo's Void for Hanlin readers (papyre, lbook, bebook, etc).